Important multiple choice questions for 2nd semester

Important multiple choice questions for 2nd semester

Important multiple choice questions for 2nd semester
Kashmir university

Kashmir university will conduct offline examination of BG 2nd semester from tomorrow, in the view of that today in this article I will provide you most important multiple choice questions of english subject. 
1) what is meant by ideation? 
A) To have an idea  B) To have an ideal  C) To have no idea  D) To receive an idea 
Answer :- To have an idea
2) Communication involves following steps except ? 
A) Encoding  B) Publishing  C) Decoding  D) Receiving
Answer  :- Publishing
3) The receiver conveys the message back to the sender that the message has been received. This step is called?
A) Ideation  B) Decoding  C) Receiving  D) Feed back 
Answer :- Feed back
4) In interpersonal, communication takes place? 
A) Within the individual  B) Between the human beings
C) Without human beings  D) Between groups
Answer  :- Between human beings
5) which is the first step in communication? 
A) ideation  B) Encoding  C) Decoding  D) Sending a message
Answer  :- Ideation
6) An idea is converted into a message which can be transmitted. This step is called? 
A) Encoding  B) Decoding  C) Coding  D) Ideation
Answer :- Encoding
7) Communication is simply a? 
A) Process  B) Game  C) Link  D) None of these
Answer  :- Process
8) It is not only an art but also a science? 
A) Communication  B) Watching TV  C) Reading poems  D) None of these
Answer :- Communication
9) who is a sender in communication process? 
A) A gentleman  B) A policeman  C) A barbar  D) One who sends a message
Answer :- One who sends a message
10) One who receives a message is called? 
A) Receiver  B) Translator  C) Transistor  D) None of these
Answer :- Receiver

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