Important objectives of E science for 2nd semester

Important objectives of E science for 2nd semester

Today in this article I will provide you most important objectives of Environmental Studies subject for 2nd semester, read all objectives carefully. 
1) A place where the conditions for the existence of an organisms prevail is known as? 
A) Environment  B) Habitat  C) Ecosystem  D) Ecology
Answer :- Habitat
2) The world environment dat is celebrated on? 
A) 5 June  B) 5July  C) 5 September  D) 23 March
Answer :- 5 June
3) The term ecosystem was first coined by? 
A) Hacckel  B) J.B.S Haldaj-e  C) AG- Tansley  D) E-Odumn
Answer :- A.G Tansley
4) when the number of food chains is interlocked, it is known as? 
A) Grazing food chain  B) Detritus food chain  C) Food chains  D) Food web
Answer :- Food web
5) In a biotic community primary consumers are called? 
A) Carnivore  B) Detritivore  C) Herbivore  D) Omnivore 
Answer :- Herbivore
6) The two main components of environment are? 
A) Food chains and food webs  B) Biotic and abiotic
C) Plants and animals  D) All of these 
Answer :- Biotic and abiotic
7) The energy flow in a food chain is always? 
A) Bilatemi  B) Unidirectional  C) All directional  D) none of these
Answer :- Unidirectional
8) who gave the concept of Ecological pyramids? 
A) E-Hacckel  B) Charles Elton  C) A.G Tansley  D) None of these 
Answer :- Charles Elton
9) The example of an omnivore is? 
A) Vulture  B) Grasshopper  C) Both A and B  D) Man
Answer :- Man
10) The term ecosystem was first coined by A.G Tansley in the year? 
A) 1925  B) 1935  C) 1945  D) 1965
Answer :- 1935
For more important questions comment below, we will try to provide you. 

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