Important objectives of English subject for UG 6th semester students

 Important objectives of English subject for UG 6th semester students

Important objectives of English subject for UG 6th semester students

Today in this post we will discuss some important objectives of English subject for UG 6th semester students, students can also download PDF below.
1. Language of Advertisement 
ANS :- Catchy and Arresting
2. Characteristic of an Advertisement
ANS :- Inspire a customer
Convince the buyer
3. Media used for Advertisement
ANS :- Newspaper, Magazines and TV
4. Cheap informative for Advertisement 
ANS :- Newspaper
5. Best medium for Advertisement
ANS :- Television
6. A simple protocol used for fetching E-Mail from a mail box is
ANS :- Pop 3
7. E-Mail Address is made up of
ANS :- Two parts
8. The E-Mail component of internet explorer is called 
ANS :- Outlook Express
9. The tone of E-Mails should be
ANS :- Very aggressive
10. “SWOT” Stands for
ANS :- Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat
11. A good advertisement has
ANS :- Catchy language, Flowery Language
12. The term “Advertising” has been derived from
ANS :- Latin word
13. The word “Advertising” mean
ANS :- To drive the attention towards something
14. The Essay should be
ANS :- Short or Long
15. Characteristic of good essay
ANS :- Personal touch, Dignified style
16. Essay which tells a story
ANS :- Narrative Essay
17. Descriptive essay describe
ANS :- A place or person
18. ———–Essays are a collection of one’s thought
ANS :- Reflective
19. Amartya Sen was born
ANS :- 03 November 1933 (West Bengal) 
20. Amartya Sen was Specialist in
ANS :- Economist
21. “How to judge Globalization” published
ANS :- American prospect in 2002
22. “How to judge Globalization” written by
ANS :- Amartya Sen
23. According to Amartya Sen “The technology of printing book” belong 1st
ANS :- China
24. Amartya Sen got Nobile Prize
ANS :- 1998
25. “I have a dream” a book or a speech
ANS :- Speech
26. Speech “I have a dream” delivered by
ANS :- Martin Luther King JR
27. When was Speech “I have a dream”  delivered on
ANS :- 28 August 1963
28. Martin Luther King Jr uses the image of “The Valley” represent to
ANS :- Bad times
29 . Dr. King is convinced that
ANS :- The struggle must continue

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