Most important objectives for 2nd semester kashmir university

 Most important objectives for 2nd semester kashmir university

Most important objectives for 2nd semester kashmir university
Kashmir university

Today in this article I will provide you most important multiple choice questions of history (medieval kashmir) for 2nd semester students. 
1) Book tarik-e-rashdi was written by? 
A) kalhana  B) Abul fazal  C) Shah mir  D) Mirza haidar daulat
Answer :- Mirza haidar daulat
2) Rinchana after adopting muslim religion was entitled as? 
A) sadr-ud-din  B) saif-ud-din  C) Alamgir  D) Shahab-ud-din
Answer :- Sadr-ud-din
3) Rinchana ruled kashmir for how many years? 
A) 3  B) 5  C) 6  D) 2
Answer :- 3
4) Shah mir ascended on the throne of kashmir with the tittle? 
A) Shams-ud-din shah-mir  B) Qutub-ud-din shah-mir 
C) Sadr-ud-din shah-mir   D) Saif-ud-din shah-mir
Answer :- shams-ud-din shah-mir
5) what was the actual name of zain-ul-abideen
A) Ali shah   B) Ali shams  C) Ali mardan  D) Shahi khan
Answer :- Shahi khan
6) Zain-ul-abideen fixed land revenue? 
A) 1/5th  B) 1/4th  C) 1/6th  D) 1/7th
Answer :- 1/6th
7) who was the founder of chak dynasty? 
A) Ghazi chak  B) Lohar chak  C) Lankar chak  D) All of these
Answer :- Ghazi chak 
8) chak rule lasted for how many years in kashmir? 
A) 55  B) 52  C) 34  D)  36
Answer :- 36
9) chaks originally belonged to? 
A) Afghanistan  B) Sabistan  C) Dardistan  D) Pakistan
Answer :- Dardistan
10) Kashmir was conquered by ahmad shah abdali in? 
A) 1700  B) 1750  C) 1753  D) 1754
Answer :- 1753 

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